See the Square Mile like never before with destination city immersive theatre event!

A free event will transform the City of London’s square mile downtown district with a combination of theatrics, games, and performances on Saturday, October 15.

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Breaking Down Barriers

Focusing on activities to break down the barriers of culture and language, the family-friendly program includes treasure hunts, 16 doors into a  maze of adventures, three carnival-inspired fairs, and creative street theatre.

Destination City

The inaugural event with the new tagline of “Destination City” was organised by the City of London Corporation in May and aimed to revive London’s leisure calendar. It plans to overhaul the Square Mile’s leisure offer, creating one of the top destinations for the UK and international visitors and residents to have fun.

City Centre Fairs

City of London Circus in the City Credit: Ben Broomfield Credit Social: @photobenphoto Copyright

There will be three fairs at the Guildhall and Museum of London around famous City areas, giving entertainment for both older and younger festival-goers; various locations in the city centre will be included in the programming, alongside secret hideaways and other notable locations throughout the metropolis.

Participants will experience an exciting journey as they travel to tell the story of the City through theatre.

Fantastical Adventures

Inspired by the fantastic fables and little-known legends of the City, audiences will be led through the streets on various fantastic adventures, accompanied by angels that were conjured from the past and future.

Various contributing performing arts companies gifted in the area will team up with BAFTA-winning arts charity CONEY to bring to life the distinctive energy of the City of London.

Among the many sideshows, circus artists, puppets, dance and storytelling board games and participatory exercise, the morning-to-dusk event will last over time and conclude with a grand finale.

Bars, restaurants, cities, and cafes will host post-event parties so people can delight in events well into the night.

This must-see event is set to become one of the capital’s cultural highlights of the year, drawing a huge audience from across London and beyond. We will open the Square Mile’s doors to everyone, revealing fascinating secrets and making magical moments happen for our visitors.

Join us for large-scale street performances, carnivals, games, and more. Together
we are putting the City of London on the map as a globally-renowned destination
which is exciting, diverse, creative, and inclusive.

Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation, Chris Hayward

Supported by a 2.5 million investment from the City Corporation, Destination City will drive the recovery of London’s Square Mile from the pandemic, revitalise its streets, reinvigorate its businesses, and heighten its appeal to talent.

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