Newsham Scream Park is coming this Halloween

  • The historic and haunted Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool becomes Newsham Scream Park this Halloween
  • Three terrifying scare attractions will wind through the building’s creepy corridors and decaying dormitories, filled with horrifying thrills at every turn – Insanitorium and The Orphanage aged 14+ and strictly aged 18+ HELLuminati 
  • Newsham Scream Park will be the UK’s scariest Halloween destination this autumn 
  • Asylum Entertainment Limited have teamed up with one of Europe’s biggest scare attraction companies to create the blood-curdling experiences 
  • Open on selected dates between Friday 13th October to Sunday 5th November 
  • Tickets on sale from Friday, 7th July 10 am, sign up for early access here:

Imposingly stood on the fringes of Newsham Park, a derelict building stands tall. With the bright afternoon sun falling upon the brickwork, it could easily be mistaken for an old hotel left to ruin – its windows boarded up, perimeters overgrown.

But this is no ordinary place. This is Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool. 

Newsham Scream Park

Long ago, the Victorian Grade II listed building was the site of a Seamen’s orphanage, hospital, asylum and nursing home, and now, by night, the walls echo with fragmented memories. Dark passages lead to shadowy basements, and staircases descend into darkness, where claustrophobic spaces link to the past. Eddies of dust swirl across the courtyard when there’s no wind. A pervasive chill lingers in the main rooms and halls no matter the time of year. The site has wheelchairs and trolleys from decades ago, instruments of control and suppression. 

Long since abandoned to the elements, Newsham Park Hospital is a mecca for ghost hunters and spectral thrill seekers, with many claiming to have seen spirits, heard whispers or felt the touch of something cold on their spine. It is regularly cited as one of the UK’s most haunted buildings, stalked by those who used to govern it or be its unfortunate guests. Many believe its history has left an indelible presence lurking in the corners, emerging only at night. 

And this Halloween, something truly terrifying will stalk the cursed corridors and decayed dormitories – Newsham Scream Park. 

Asylum Entertainment Limited have teamed up with one of Europe’s biggest scare attraction companies to take over the derelict building and create a horrifying Halloween vision which will have no comparison. Three scare attractions will terrify guests – Insanitorium and The Orphanage aged 14+ and the strictly aged 18+ HELLuminati. Each experience will wind through the dark bowels of the building, filled with deepening dread and moments of sheer blood-curdling panic, as guests follow each nightmarish path through Newsham Scream Park. 

Insanitorium and The Orphanage are included in the base ticket price, and HELLuminati is extra, with dates running from Friday, 13th October to Sunday, 5th November. The courtyard at Newsham Scream Park will include live music and DJs, licensed bars, food vendors and an array of tarot card readers, mystics, spirit board guides and other curious characters.

Newsham Scream Park – The Three Scare Attractions

Newsham Scream Park

Insanitorium – The Doctor will see you now…


Check in for your appointment at The Goodwell Institute, where the masterminds of unethical medical science are attempting to discover the answer to the eternal question: what happens to the soul after death?

But be warned, The Invasia Procedure is not going to plan, and now delirium rules the wards inside the Insanitorium – you would be MAD to miss it…

The Orphanage – There will be no mercy…

The Orphanage

Since 1913 The Blessed Sisters of Mercy have housed orphaned and unwanted waifs and strays at The Orphanage, providing an education and a home dictated by a stern religious philosophy.

But home is not always where the heart is, and at the rotten core of the sisterhood dwells an ancient evil first invoked by Sister Mary Mercy, which must be appeased in the most diabolic way…

HELLuminati – Membership is open


Hidden within the bowels of the Asylum lies the headquarters of an ancient secret society known as the Helluminati; a worldwide network of wealthy individuals with omnipotent global control.

The members amuse themselves by doctoring what they call ‘the meat’, obtained by illegal auctions in the deepest parts of the dark web.

Membership is now open. But are you suitable to join the sick and twisted minds of the members and their enigmatic leader – Omega, inside HELLuminati, or are you ‘meat’?

Tickets are on sale from Friday, 7th July 10 am for Newsham Scream Park.

  • Newsham Scream Park
  • Running from Friday 13th – Sunday 5th November on selected dates
  • 11B Orphan Drive, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L6 7UN
  • First scare attraction from 6pm – last entry is 9.30pm
  • Insanitorium and The Orphanage – £25 + booking fee (aged 14+)
  • HELLuminati – £15 per pair + booking fee (strictly aged 18+ only)
  • Tickets go on sale Friday 7th July 10am from:

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