Discover the north cornwall coast

The North Cornwall coast is renowned for its stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, and beautiful beaches. Here are some notable places to visit and discover exactly what their secrets are.

Coastal Towns and Villages


north cornwall coast

A charming fishing port known for its seafood restaurants, including those by celebrity chef Rick Stein. But beyond the culinary delights, Padstow also boasts a rich maritime history that can be explored through its historic buildings and bustling harbor. 

The winding streets of Padstow are lined with charming boutiques and art galleries, offering a unique shopping experience for those looking to bring home a piece of this coastal gem. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape through hiking trails and scenic walks that offer breathtaking views of the coastline. Whether you’re seeking relaxation by the sea or an adventure in nature, Padstow has something to offer every type of traveler looking to unwind along the enchanting North Cornwall Coast.

Port Isaac

Port Issac

Nestled on the rugged North Cornwall Coast, Port Isaac is a quaint fishing village that exudes charm and character. Known for its narrow winding streets, whitewashed cottages, and stunning coastal views, this picturesque town has become a popular destination for visitors seeking an authentic British seaside experience.

Beyond its idyllic facade, Port Isaac has also gained fame as the filming location for the hit TV series Doc Martin. Fans of the show flock to this coastal haven to walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters and soak up the atmosphere of this unique setting. The blend of real-life charm and on-screen drama adds an extra layer of allure to Port Isaac, making it a must-visit destination for pop culture enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.



Steeped in Arthurian legend, Tintagel is home to the dramatic Tintagel Castle ruins and the stunning Merlin’s Cave. The scenery is breathtaking, with rugged cliffs and sweeping ocean views. The ancient ruins of Tintagel Castle, perched precariously on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, evoke stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. 

But Tintagel offers more than just medieval legends – the picturesque coastal path and scenery is a photographer’s paradise, with dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can explore hidden coves, go for leisurely walks along the South West Coast Path, or simply soak in the stunning views from one of the many vantage points around town. It truly embodies the raw beauty and enchanting charm of Cornwall’s northern coast – a destination that ignites inspiration and awakens the spirit of adventure in all who visit.



Boscastle is a picturesque village that exudes charm and history. Known for its stunning cliff walks and scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean and a natural harbor, surrounded by steep hills and quaint cottages. 

One of Boscastle’s hidden gems is the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, which delves into the village’s mystical past. Visitors can explore exhibits on folklore, ancient rituals, and spiritual practices that have long been associated with the area. Stepping into this unique museum feels like entering another world, where myths and legends come to life in captivating displays. Heading inland from the coast, visitors will discover lush valleys dotted with charming cottages and meandering streams. 

Whether you’re exploring historic sites or simply soaking in the natural beauty of Boscastle, this coastal gem captivates all who wander its cobbled streets.



Nestled along the rugged North coast of Cornwall, Polzeath beckons adventurers and beach lovers alike with its pristine sandy beaches and world-class surfing conditions. This charming seaside village embodies a laid-back vibe that seamlessly blends with the picturesque landscape, making it an ideal getaway for those seeking tranquility and outdoor excitement.

Renowned for its powerful waves and consistent swells, Polzeath beach attracts surfers from around the globe eager to test their skills in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But beyond its surfing reputation, this hidden gem offers a variety of activities for all ages, including coastal walks along breathtaking cliffs, exploring rock pools teeming with marine life, or simply basking in the sun while savoring fresh seafood delicacies at local eateries.

As dusk descends over Polzeath, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues casting a spell over visitors who gather on the beach to witness nature’s spectacle unfold. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the waves or simply a peaceful retreat by the sea, Polzeath’s magnetic charm is sure to captivate your heart and leave an indelible mark on your soul.



Fistral Beach: Located in Newquay, this is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the UK, with consistent waves and a lively atmosphere.

Watergate Bay: Just north of Newquay, this expansive beach is ideal for water sports and also offers excellent dining options with views of the ocean.

Harlyn Bay: Close to Padstow, this beach is family-friendly, with soft sand and safe swimming conditions.

Trevone Bay: A lovely beach near Padstow, known for its rock pools and cliff walks.

Bedruthan Steps: Famous for its dramatic rock formations and stunning scenery, although the steps down to the beach are steep and require caution.

Natural Attractions

Natural Attractions

Bodmin Moor: A rugged, remote moorland offering excellent hiking and the chance to explore historic sites like the Cheesewring and Dozmary Pool.

Camel Estuary: Great for bird watching, water sports, and enjoying the natural beauty of the estuary. The Camel Trail is a popular cycling route that follows the estuary.

Pentire Head: Offers spectacular coastal views and beautiful walking trails. It’s a great spot for birdwatching and enjoying the rugged coastline.

Historical and Cultural Sites

St. Enodoc Church: Located near Rock, this historic church is known for its association with the poet John Betjeman, who is buried in its churchyard.

Launceston Castle: An impressive Norman castle with panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

Wadebridge: A charming market town with interesting shops, cafés, and access to the Camel Trail.



The North Cornwall coast is a haven for surfers, with numerous beaches offering great waves for all skill levels.



The South West Coast Path provides stunning walking routes along the coast, with plenty of opportunities to explore hidden coves and enjoy breathtaking views.


The Camel Trail offers a scenic and family-friendly cycling route from Padstow to Wadebridge and Bodmin.

Seasonal Highlights

Seasonal Highlights

Boardmasters Festival

Held in Newquay, this annual festival combines live music, surfing, and skateboarding competitions.

Padstow Christmas Festival

A festive event with food, drink, and entertainment in the heart of Padstow.


Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, historical exploration, or simply relaxing by the sea, the North Cornwall coast has something to offer everyone so what are you waiting for!!

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